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Water Used in High-pressure Steam Sterilizer
2021-04-22 15:26
In research institutions, universities, microbiology, pharmaceutical, food and chemical laboratories, hospital center sterilization service departments, medical clinics, operating rooms and other places with bio-safety requirements, small or large high-pressure steam sterilizers will be equipped to conduct appropriate sterilization treatment for utensils, materials and media according to different needs.
If the high-pressure steam sterilizer is used improperly, it may give a headaches——scaling. Scaling will cause a lot of trouble in the follow-up, which not only shortens the service life of the sterilization pot, affects the sterilization effect, but also brings hidden dangers in safety.
Common problems are as follows:
1. Scale deposits on the inner wall, hindering heat transfer of the heated surface, and increasing energy consumption
2. The dispersed particles cause scratches on the inner wall of the equipment, damage the surface coating, and severely rust the stainless steel surface
3. Particles entering the pipeline will cause pipeline blockage
4. Scale deposits on the surface of meters such as steam and temperature sensors, causing the meter to work abnormally
For large sterilizers, the consequences of scaling are particularly serious. Because the thermal conductivity of scale is tens to hundreds of times smaller than that of the steel plate of the sterilizer, it will affect the heat transfer after the scale is generated, which will easily cause the temperature of the local metal wall to increase and the inner wall to deform, and even cause accidents, affect safe operation and cause loss of life and property.
Sterilizer scaling is mainly caused by the formation of insoluble carbonates or other precipitates from metal ions such as calcium and magnesium in the water under high temperature conditions. So the hardness of water is a main reason. Therefore, in order to avoid the influence of scale on the sterilizer, the water used in the sterilizer should reach a certain standard. In addition to the hardness requirements, the water used in the sterilizer also has higher requirements for other indicators, such as iron, pH, cadmium, lead and other heavy metal impurities in the water.
Therefore, in order to ensure the performance and service life of the high-pressure steam sterilizer, it is the ideal choice to be equipped with a set of pure water equipment and continuously supply pure water that meets the standards.

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