Nanbei Instruments has been manufacturing laboratory sterilization equipment for more than 20 years. This is a comprehensive factory dedicated to research, development and manufacturing.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality sterilizers, steam sterilizers, laboratory steam sterilizers, large-scale sterilization systems, hospital sterilization systems, etc.

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Steam Sterilizer

Focus on Steam Sterilizer for 20 years

  • 100L LCD Vertical Pressure

  • 75L LCD Vertical Pressure

  • 50L LCD Vertical Pressure

  • 35L LCD Vertical Pressure

  • 100L Digital Vertical Pres

  • 75L Display Vertical Press

  • 50L Display Vertical Press

  • LS-120LJ 120L Vertical Pre

  • 20L Tabletop Steam Sterili

  • 35L Fully Automatic Tablet

  • 50L Fully Automatic Tablet

  • 20L Fully Automatic Tablet

  • 50L Tabletop Steam Sterili

  • 35L Tabletop Steam Sterili

  • 24L Electric Steam Sterili

  • 24L Fully Automatic Tablet

  • Medium Ethylene Oxide Ster

  • Large Ethylene Oxide Steri

  • H2O2 Dry Fogger Portable S

  • Gasified Hydrogen Peroxide

  • LS-120LJ 120L Vertical Pre

  • 50L Tabletop Steam Sterili

  • 18L Protable Pressure Stea

  • 280L Horizontal Pressure S


NANBEI has produced sterilization instruments and large-scale sterilization systems for more than 20 years. This is a company dedicated to research, development and manufacturing. We provide customers with various sterilization design solutions. And provide high-quality global after-sales service!

Why Choose Us

After years of development, Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. has become a well-known equipment, instrument,laboratory design and MRO industrial product integration supplier at home and abroad.